2022 Impact Report

CEE in 2022: Working toward a greater good for all

CEE seeks a healthy, carbon-neutral economy that works for all people. With more than 30 years' experience in energy efficiency, we align complementary strategies behind technical research, program development and implementation, community engagement, policy advocacy, and project financing.  

We lead with equity. We work hard to bring a wide range of customized energy solutions to all members of our community in Minnesota and beyond, especially historically underserved populations. When we do it right, we believe everyone — regardless of class, race, geography, or gender — stands a better chance to realize the economic and health benefits of our emerging clean energy future. 

Working in homes, buildings, and communities in the upper Midwest, our programs and services are built by and for collaboration. Our research informs the technologies we pursue. Policy perspectives guide program strategies. Competitive financing helps make efficiency upgrades doable in homes and businesses. Like the richly diverse communities where we live and work, everything we do is intertwined and most powerful when we’re pulling together toward a greater good for all. 


2022 estimated savings 

41 million kWh
of electricity
32,500 Decatherms
in natural gas
27.5 million pounds
of CO2
$4.6 million
in 1st-year energy costs

Community is our cornerstone 


Efficiency excellence with a community anchor. The Sabathani Community Center is a Black-led nonprofit with a mission to provide its community with “essential resources that inspire them to improve their lives and build a thriving community.” With ambitious energy goals, Sabathani partnered with CEE and other community stakeholders to make Sabathani an example of how energy efficiency can provide significant financial, social, and environmental benefits to businesses, residents, and the southside community at large. 

Next door to the community center, CEE’s New Homes team supported the build and certifications of Sabathani’s Senior Housing apartment building, enabling the building to the building to meet the efficiency requirements of the EPA’s ENERGY STAR Residential New Construction program. 

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Partnering with tribal nations. CEE’s tech expertise is supporting clean energy efforts in tribal communities. In partnership with Native Sun Community Power Development, our researchers are leading electric vehicle metrics analysis at Red Lake and Standing Rock reservations to quantify operational costs and emission reductions for an inter-tribal EV charging network.

In 2023, we’re working with Native Sun and others to evaluate barriers and opportunities to electrify heating and cooling services at Red Lake, part of a three-state study with tribal communities. Researchers will explore the resilience of heating and cooling services provided by electricity and evaluate the development of renewable energy and energy storage on rural lands. 

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Empowering our clean energy workforce. In Minnesota, challenges like a general workforce shortage and the anticipated “silver tsunami” of retirements in many trades threaten the clean energy economy’s ability to maintain or accelerate growth. Such challenges call for us to create accessible career pathways for disadvantaged populations that are often left out of economic prosperity.

In 2022, CEE’s workforce development program attracted and trained nearly 40 people of color and women to pursue clean energy careers. To reach key audiences, the program built and nurtures meaningful community relationships with culturally specific organizations such as CAPI USA, Migizi, Hmong American Partnership, Emerge, and Urban Roots.

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Our Impact

Home Energy visits
Energy Advisor calls
Active research projects
Midwest cities partnerships
Twin Cities neighborhoods
Lighting and HVAC projects
Home improvement loans approved
Home Energy career training graduates

Interwoven approaches 


We cut energy waste while improving comfort in homes and buildings. 



We explore energy advances through field analysis, modeling, and engagement. 



We strive for high-impact, pragmatic solutions built to serve public interests.



We work toward long-term, energy-saving solutions in buildings and communities. 



We empower Minnesotans to upgrade efficiency and comfort at home and at work.


Market Transformation

We smooth the way for broader adoption of promising technologies. 

Market Transformation


Tom Garry, Chairperson  

Amanda Novak, Vice Chair  

Nancy Tyra-Lukens, Treasurer  

LisaBeth Barajas  

Ralph Dickinson  

Julia Donaldson  

Jimmy Loyd  

Non-voting Officers of the Corporation  

Chris Duffrin, President  

Stephanie Haddad, Corporate Secretary 

Shonda Biddle, Director of Commercial and Industrial Energy Development  

Dave Bohac, PE, Senior Director of Research  

Chris Duffrin, President  

Kristen Funk, Senior Director of Commercial and Industrial Energy  

Cindy Greenwood, Director of Human Resources  

Stephanie Haddad, Chief Operating Officer  

Tim Hanrahan, Director of Communications  

Jim Hasnik, Director of Lending Services  

Carl Nelson, Senior Director of Program Development  

Rebecca Olson, Senior Director of Residential and Community Energy  

Tom Spielman, Director of Information Technologies  

Judy Thommes, Director of Operations   

Doug Will, Chief Financial Officer